Bemba  (2023)

The literary world in Zambia recently witnessed an exciting event with the launch of a Bemba translation by Austin Kaluba and Bupe A. Mwansa, of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's timeless classic The Little Prince.

The book launch at the Alliance Française in the heart of Lusaka on 24 August marked an important moment in the history of local literature, as this famous tale was presented to the public in the Bemba language. Participants included avid readers, linguists and literary enthusiasts keen to discover the magic of The Little Prince in a new linguistic and cultural context. 2,000 copies were printed and will be distributed free of charge to local schools teaching Bemba throughout the country. The aim of the project is to create and develop intercultural dialogue, encourage the preservation of local languages and foster mutual interest in reading in general.

During the event, the Jean-Marc Probst Foundation for The Little Prince was warmly thanked for its financial support for the publication of this edition in Bemba. The publication was made possible thanks to Agence P.I.A.F. for its overall coordination of the project, and Mulenga Kapwepwe for coordinating the translation work. Lastly, "Akaana kamfumu" can be read or borrowed at the library of the Alliance française de Lusaka, on Avenue Alick Nkhata in LongAcres.

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