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I have two passions: travelling and the Little Prince. For many years I've been collecting the various editions of the opus by St Exupery in all possible languages. I also personally contribute to new publications.

It all started in 1980, while I was still a student at the ETH Zurich and I had the opportunity to visit many different countries participating in The Race Around the World, a competition organized by the French language television channels.

During this experience, I found out that The Little Prince had already been translated into many languages. For example, I was fascinated to discover the book cover in Arabic and Japanese, two copies which I then brought back from one of my journeys.

During the years that followed, friends who also travelled a lot gave me new copies which allowed my small collection to grow.

But it is especially over the last fifteen years, thanks to the capabilities of the Internet and exchanging and purchasing books that my collection grew to become the largest collection in the world. However, this would not have been possible to achieve without merging my collection with those of two dedicated collectors: Jaume Arbones and Michael Pätel.

This website was designed as a reference for collectors and enthusiasts. I would appreciate if the visitors would give me their comments in order to share their observations and make amendments.

Each book featured under "The collection" contains the full and unabridged text.

In terms of new publications, I achieved in 2008 a new publication in Ticinese dialect, the language spoken in Italian part of Switzerland. Then in 2010, I put my efforts into the Somali edition of the book.

This is how my passion and the Little Prince led me to Hargeisa in Somaliland, an unrecognised self-declared (de facto sovereign) state that is internationally recognised as an autonomous region of Somalia, East Africa.

It was by chance that I had heard of a former professor of Mogadishu, now a political refugee in Switzerland, who is the author of a French-Somali dictionary. So I asked him to translate the text and then my friend Pierre Marcel Favre published the Little Prince in Somali language.

Pierre Marcel and I then travelled together to Somaliland with eight suitcases full of Petit Prince books that we handed over to the Minister of National Education. At the latest news, the 600 books were used in schools for teaching Somali.

Les livres dans leur bibliothèque... Au millieu de ma collection... Au millieu de ma collection...