Lule Sámi  (2023)

The book launch that took place on June 19, 2023, at the Árran Language Center. This event marked a significant day for the Lule Sami language and culture. This new translation was only possible because of the enthusiast and perseverance of Jørn-Robert Knutsen from Árran Julevsáme guovdásj (Lule Saami Center).

In his speech during the event he says: “I want to highlight the importance of the book, which is an exceptional work for bridging generations. We believe and know that this support will be pivotal in strengthening the Lule Sami language and culture on both sides of the Norway-Sweden border in the future.”

Later Jørn-Robert Knutsen write to the foundation: “We were honored to have Sami schoolchildren, children from the monolingual Lule Sami kindergarten Viejega AS, and some local enthusiasts dedicated to the Lule Sami language, physically present at the launch. Their presence not only brought joy but also underscored the significance of this work in preserving and revitalizing the Lule Sami language and culture. One of the most touching moments during the launch was the digital presentation by Marita Elise Turi, the translator of “Unna prinsasj – The Little Prince”. She spoke warmly and passionately about the content of the book and shared some insights into the translation process."

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