8 unique specimens

Original watercolor used for the illustration of the Little Prince

This original watercolor painted by Saint-Exupéry on a sheet of Esleeck Fidelity Onion Skin paper to illustrate chapter VI was used for the black and white illustration on page 24 of the original edition.

Contract for the publication of The Little Prince with Reynal & Hitchcock

Contract in English, printed with typed inserts, related to the publication of The Little Prince, signed on 26 January 1943 in New York between Antoine de Saint Exupery, his American literary agent William Becker and the publisher Reynal & Hitchcock.

Edition of The Little Prince in English autographed by Che Guevarra

PP-3939 (first edition, fifth printing) has two inscriptions. The first is from 1947. The second is dated from 4 September 1959 at the end of the Cuban revolution. This inscription is from Che Guevara for his friend Pancho Gamin and it reads:"A través de tantos años de lucha, a mi amigo Pancho Gamin" ("To my friend Pancho Gamin, after so many years of fighting").
 In his biography of Ernesto Guevara, Pierre Kalfon evokes the Che reading The Little Prince in these terms:
"One day he was locked in the bathroom for so long that the military unit began to worry. The Che was reading The Little Prince. When he finally came out, he said -in the very rough language he always used-: 'Lo leí de una cagada' ('I read it in just one shit')".

Original edition of The Little Prince in French inscribed by Consuelo de Saint Exupéry

PP-1180 (first edition in France, copy nr. 7190) autographed by Consuelo de Saint Exupery:

I'm always running.
But the drafts in your world scare me.
If a rose starts running, it loses all its petals ...
But, as you love The Little Prince, you will give me protection.
in Valencia (A gardener's dream)
Consuelo de Saint Exupery
5 December 1947

First print run of the first edition of Southern Mail, autographed by Antoine de Saint-Exupery

OW-113, original edition of Southern Mail, press service copy, with a superb and long autograph signed to Henri Guillaumet:

"To Guillaumet, to whom I would like to write the most beautiful of dedications because he is the best of my friends. Because a long time ago I adopted him as a brother - After being his humble pupil... (Do you remember, Guillaumet, the advice you gave me one evening in your room, the day before my first mail flight? I was a studious pupil, from time to time there was recreation and you made me drink port wine. I also remember a rum that cost thirty-four francs a liter... Of which I drank everything!). Your old friend"

Typoscript of the first German translation of The Little Prince by Grete and Josef Leitgeb

This typoscript by Josef Leitgeb, dating from 1950, comes from the estate of Ignaz Zangerle, a recognized writer and educator for adults from Innsbruck who was a close friend of the Leitgebs. His daughter Veronika Zangerle (Pointer-Zangelrle by marriage in Salzburg) sold it to a Viennese collector. It is the wife of the latter who donated it to the foundation.

The illustrations are attributed to the Tyrolean painter Max Weiler who knew the Leitgebs since the 30s and who had painted a portrait of the Zangerle couple.

Letter to Pierre Dalloz, resistant in Algiers

One of the two last known letters of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, written a few hours before he disappeared. Captain Rene Gavoille found it on the table of St-Ex's room on the evening of 31 July 1944 when he proceeded to the inventory and then posted the envelope on 3 August 1944.

Saint-Exupéry's Alien registration receipt card


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