Dzongkha  (2014)

Dr. Tandin Dorji's enthusiasm and perseverance gave birth to the version in Dzongkha. Tandin translated the text and his "Institute for Management Studies" published the book.

Following all the hassle we encountered with the Tibetan layout, it was clear that the entire realization of this edition had to take place on site in Bhutan. I must say that at first I apprehended the quality of execution, both in terms of impression and of bookbinding. However this proved to be totally groundless because the quality of this edition easily competes with the best ones made in Europe.

Thanks to the generous donation of Dr. Frederik Paulsen Jr., we were able to increase the draw to 5'000 copies. This is how we were able to distribute 7 copies of the book in each of the 685 public schools in Bhutan. On the receipt for transport costs it is stated "some delivery on horseback" that is to say that some shipments were carried on horseback.

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